Artistic Ideas of Cushion Covers & Cushion Insert Buying Guide

A cushion might be the artists’ favourite piece of home décor: it presents a blank canvas for artistic expressions,
inspirations start flowing in relaxation on a couch pepped up by beautiful pillows…

But some artist like cushions made of cold & hard MARBLE:

Using a pneumatic hammer, Norwegian sculptor Håkon Anton Fagerås shaped blocks of marble into white cushions, with smooth folds and wrinkles that make them look like they couldn’t be made out of anything other than fabric and filler.

For Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian, cushion is a bridge to the dreamland:

She embroiders individuals deep in sleep onto the surface of her handmade pillows, matching the size of her subjects to the area they would occupy when having a nap.

How to select a cushion insert?

Determine the insert size:
if you like your cushions to be plump, choose a cushion insert that is five centimetres bigger than the length and the height of the cover. For example, choose an insert of 50 cm x 50 cm for 45 cm x 45 cm cover. By choosing the same size, the resulting cushion will appear less plump and filled out.

Different types of cushion inserts:
foam inserts: made from polyurethane, the most affordable option. Choose a denser insert which lasts longer.
Polyester inserts: softer than the foam insert and retain their shape better over time, they are hypoallergenic – can be used by anyone with allergies, more expensive than the foam inserts.
Down inserts: as the priciest option, made from duck and goose feathers, ideal for sleeping pillows. As it can easily changes shape, they make wonderful decorative cushions. But it is hard to maintain, since feathers are more difficult to fluff after washing. The common perception that down inserts are not suitable for people with allergies is considered wrong by some experts.