Copper Metal Modern Wall Décor Abstract Seagull Birds Wall Art

AUD $45.50AUD $89.50

Spreading beautiful wings in animated postures, these flying seagulls wall hanging décor add inspiring energy in any space. The birds’ body shapes are abstractly sculptured with a smooth finish, which suits any contemporary or modern décor at home or business / commercial areas like receptions, lobby or conference rooms. Unleash your imaginations to create your own designs by combining pieces of different sizes to express the dynamic of your spaces.

  • Made of copper, these bird wall art can be used as outdoor wall decor.
  • Color options: golden, bronze & black
  • Sizes options: S, 13x7cm. M. 17x13cm. L, 29x19cm. Distance from the wall approximately 6cm
  • Installation with provided screws.
  • Installation ideas:
    -Flying on the reception wall to inspire a growth aspiration for your business.
    -Along the hall way as a creative way-finding system.
    -Spiral up the staircase …