Couch Armrest Organizer Remote Control Holder for Couch Recliner 

AUD $48.50AUD $53.50

Lose yourself to a good book or movie without losing your cell phone, remote, or water bottle to the couch cushions. Our couch armrest organizer has a designated spot for your book, cell phone, remote, and even your favourite beverage, lets you adjust the piece to fit most couch or chair arms, whether curved, rectangular, or thicker arms like on recliners.

Adjustable hinges and bottom anti-slip silicone ensure stability during use, making the sofa tray not easy to shake. Double protection ensures you can put your drink on the table with confidence.

  • Material: Wood
  • Size: rectangle: 33x22cm / 13x9in. oval: diameter 25 cm / 10 in