Couch Caddy Remote Control Holder for Couch Recliner Armrest Organizer bamboo

AUD $56.50

Lose yourself to a good book or movie without losing your cell phone, remote, or water bottle to the couch cushions.

Our natural bamboo couch caddy has a designated spot for your book, cell phone, remote, and even your favourite beverage, lets you adjust the piece to fit most couch or chair arms, whether curved, rectangular, or thicker arms like on recliners.

Its Sofa cup holder tray fits most beer mugs, beverage mugs, coffee mugs, mugs or other cups less than 3.7 inches in diameter. The special groove design can accommodate mugs with handles and the 1.6 inch high cup holder, preventing mugs from tipping over. The large tray can also easily hold mobile phones, remote controls, snacks, glasses, etc.

  • Material: natural bamboo
  • Anti-slip design, fits any size sofa armrest.
  • Size: 41.5x34x4cm