Cushion Covers

People prefer buying cushion covers and inserts separately these days. As cushion inserts are more affordable, can easily be replaced once it has lost its shape. Lot of customers collect multiple sets of cushion covers, giving their rooms fresh new looks with different designs. Read through our guide to cushion inserts below to find the prefect fillers for our beautiful pillow covers. Browse the collection here>

Sofa & Chair Slipcovers

Whether your couch is brand-new or decades old, a washable slipcover will help to keep it looking fresh at all times. No reupholstering necessary! Easily safeguard your family’s favorite seat from youngsters, muddy paws, and the occasional beverage spill with these beautiful sofa covers. Browse the collection here>


If you like your cushions to be plump, choose a cushion insert that is five centimetres bigger than the length and the height of the cover. For example, choose an insert of 50 cm x 50 cm for 45 cm x 45 cm cover. By choosing the same size, the resulting cushion will appear less plump and filled out.

FOAM INSERTS: made from polyurethane, the most affordable option. Choose a denser insert which lasts longer.
POLYESTER INSERTS: softer than the foam insert and retain their shape better over time, they are hypoallergenic – can be used by anyone with allergies, more expensive than the foam inserts.
DOWN INSERTS: as the priciest option, made from duck and goose feathers, ideal for sleeping pillows. As it can easily changes shape, they make wonderful decorative cushions. But it is hard to maintain, since feathers are more difficult to fluff after washing. The common perception that down inserts are not suitable for people with allergies is considered wrong by some experts.