Gifts for Grandparents: Vintage Décor, Senior Friendly Model Kits…

The key to finding the best gifts for seniors is choosing presents that will make their day easier and happier- physically or emotionally.

A perpetual calendar or senior friendly clocks with large letters are ideal for vision impaired or memory loss elderly.
Vintage décor gifts: gifting them a nostalgic decor piece will appeal to the sentimental grandparents.
Model making kits: no tools or glues required, we have selected some wooden or cardboard model making kits, perfect as Father’s Day gift that will greatly amuse the old people, activate their brains, make passing the time enjoyable.
Gifts for older women: we recommend some cushions covers and furniture covers (sofa covers, chairs cover, ottoman & bench covers) in beautiful floral or traditional patterns. Maybe it is no longer necessary to buy new furniture, but furniture slipcovers will easily please your mom with a fresh new look in the nursing home. Our amazing William Morris Prints have been super popular instantly making the wall pretty.