Novelty Cat Décor Ice-Cream Melting Cats Resin Art Figure 25cm Height

AUD $86.50

Meet our Melting Cats Ice-Cream resin art figure cat décor. This cutely adorable sculpture piece is cats, an ice cream, and a chuckle all rolled into one. The green, yellow, and white hues are all about light-hearted fun, ready to lighten up any room. It is bound to become your favourite conversation starter. Picture the surprise and amusement when guests discover the ‘melting cats’ in your home. It’s a fun way to spark laughter and share a love for the quirky and unusual.

So go ahead, make room for some whimsy in your home with this cat décor. Let our Melting Cat Ice-Cream be a daily reminder to embrace the unexpected, and to find joy and humour in the everyday.

  • Size: 13×9.5x25cm (5.1×3.7×9.8 inches)
  • Colour: green, yellow, white.
  • Material: resin