Joy of Birds Nurseries or Kids’ Rooms Ceramic Birds Wall Décor Indoor or Outdoor

AUD $28.50

Spreading wings, singing with joy, these cute and multicolored ceramic birds wall hanging décor adds dynamic and artistic vibe in any space. Flying in from the window or along the hall way, circulating the central chandelier, or spiral up the staircase …unleash your creativity combining different shapes and colors to create your own designs. Great inspirational décor for nurseries or kids’ rooms.

  • The birds’ body shapes are artistically sculptured with a smooth finish.
  • 11-13cm length
  • Installation: small hole on the back for easy installation, or use glue or command strips like 3M removable tapes.
Type A-BeigeType A-Blue GrayType A-GrayType A-Light BlueType A-PinkType A-WhiteType A-Yellow GreenType B-BeigeType B-Blue GrayType B-GrayType B-Light BlueType B-PinkType B-WhiteType B-Yellow GreenType C-BeigeType C-Blue GrayType C-GrayType C-Light BlueType C-PinkType C-WhiteType C-Yellow GreenType D-BeigeType D-Blue GrayType D-GrayType D-Light BlueType D-PinkType D-WhiteType D-Yellow GreenType E-BeigeType E-Blue GrayType E-GrayType E-Light BlueType E-PinkType E-WhiteType E-Yellow Green