Joy of Birds Wall Décor Set of 5pcs Indoor or Outdoor Birds Wall Art

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AUD $189.50

Artistically sculptured, this exquisite collection of adorable birds wall décor art represent good fortunes, career & business growth. you can spray with different colours to achieve more colourful projects.

    • Birds’ sizes are designed to proportionally fit modern home, bodies width between 31.5-20 cm, height 9-6.5cm.
    • Made of premium art resin, sturdy and light weighted.
    • Installation tips: to be glued with super glue on any surface, or use 3M command strips removable tape to protect the wall (please also use the included nails together to add extra supports)
      After applying Spar Urethane on the surface, the birds can be used as outdoor wall décor.


Installation ideas:

  • Flying in from the window or along the hallway
  • Circulating the central chandelier
  • Spiral up the staircase…

5 reviews for Joy of Birds Wall Décor Set of 5pcs Indoor or Outdoor Birds Wall Art

  1. C


    Very good quality❣

  2. A


    Everything is fine! I advise this store! Excellent goods

  3. A


    The quality is excellent! Everything, as the designer thought! Just note that birds fly up to the right, we had the idea of flying to the left, had to overplay on the move.

  4. V


    Excellent Birds for Interior

  5. F


    Super quality I did not expect)

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