Modern Cabinet Handles Drawer Pulls-Sculptural Geometric Shapes

AUD $11.50AUD $19.50

Sculpturally crafted door handles made for the design-sensitive homeowners who enjoy contemporary or modern style décor. Especially the blue colour options are bold, artistic choice for creating a unique colour theme in blue.

  • Surface finishing: brushed finish
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Hole to hole distance: 32mm,64mm, 128mm, 192mm
  • Installation:25mm screw
Antique Brass 128mmAntique Brass 192mmAntique Brass 32mmAntique Brass 64mmBlue 128mmBlue 192mmBlue 32mmBlue 64mmBright Black 128mmBright Black 192mmBright Black 32mmBright Black 64mmChampagne Brass 128mChampagne Brass 192mChampagne Brass 32mmChampagne Brass 64mmChrome 128mmChrome 192mmChrome 32mmChrome 64mmDumb black 128mmDumb black 192mmDumb black 32mmDumb black 64mmGun Black 128mmGun Black 192mmGun Black 32mmGun Black 64mmIvory White 128mmIvory White 192mmIvory White 32mmIvory White 64mmMatt Silver 128mmMatt Silver 192mmMatt Silver 32mmMatt Silver 64mmRed Bronze 128mmRed Bronze 192mmRed Bronze 32mmRed Bronze 64mm