Ballerina & Animals Music Box Wooden Model Assembly Kit for 14+ years

AUD $63.50

Prepare to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from building your own music boxes This is a great parent/grandparent & child project to build together during holidays or over a wet weekend. They’re also popular with adults who enjoy hands-on activities. The instructions are easy to follow and everything you need is supplied.When finished, you’re left with a music box to treasure for many years.

Recommended age:
Builders under 14 might need some help. Children aged 14+ are more likely to be able to build independently.

Package Includes

  • Pre-painted wooden sheets
  • Various wooden, metal and paper parts
  • Music box
  • Sandpaper
  • Illustrated instructions
Amusement parkDancing BallermaFishing KittyLittle performerMoving flavorOceam Park


A cute kitty goes fishing, a baboon plays acrobat ( a rabbit hide himself in a hat), a ballerina dancing under the moon light, the little cats are busy selling ice cream (ice cream and animal in the windows spin) , a robot enjoys playing cello …each piece has some small parts moving in the music.

It takes 1-2 hours putting a music box together, the kids will cherish his or her own creations while their imaginations soar to wonderland in sweet melody.


What could possibly go wrong?
Building the kit is pretty straight-forward; you remove the parts and then snap or glue them into place. However all model building requires skill. If you’re not careful, you could damage the parts during removal, lose parts or install parts the wrong way round. Some parts are delicate and can get damaged if you apply too much pressure. As with any skill, the more you practice and the more experience you have, the better the result. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

How does the music box work?
A key is supplied that fits through the side of the completed kit into the music box. Give it a few turns and enjoy the music. A shaft is fitted to the back of the music box that makes it move.

Do I need to paint it?
No – the music box parts are pre-painted.

Do all the parts need to be glued?
Some do, but other parts just snap into place. The instructions indicate when to use glue. Some wood glue is included in the kit.

Do the parts need to be sanded?
The parts on some wooden model kits can be slightly rough on the edges and on those occasions it’s recommended that you give them a light sanding. However, with most parts in this kit, this is unnecessary. Occasionally when you remove parts, they might not detach from the sheets cleanly, leaving a tiny burr. You can remove this using the supplied sandpaper.

Is the finished kit fragile?
It should be okay if it topples over. However, if it’s dropped from a height then I don’t like your chances. I’ve also sadly discovered that it is a bad idea to let a younger child operate it, because they take delight in stopping the moving parts by hand, which can irreparably damage your handiwork.

Additional information


Choking hazard-Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years





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