Nautical Ship Décor Wooden Ship Models 23cm Ready To Display

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Let your kids set on sail in the bath tab, mix the wooden boats with other decorative pieces together to create a mood…we have sourced these small sizes wooden ship models to allow you to create your interesting eclectic space in a tasteful way. Use of these nautical ships décor in a simplistic manner will bring warmth, history, interest, and uniqueness for a space that you can call your very own sea-inspired escape.

  • Approximately 23x23x5cm (length x height x width).
  • Material: wood, fabric, rope and metal parts.
22cm blue sailboat22cm boat and light23cm A23cm B23cm C23cm D23cm E23cm F23cm G23cm H23cm I23cm J23cm K23cm M23cm with light A23cm with light B23cm with light C23cm with light D23cm with light E23cm with light F23cm with light G23cm with light H23cm with light I23cm with light J23cm with light K