Pet Couch Cover-Multiple Pieces for One Sofa-with Pillow Cases Anti-Slip stylish Patterns

AUD $26.00AUD $82.00

Stylish sofa bedspread covers made of durable thick fabric, suitable for kids and pets playing on the sofa, not easily damaged and stained. Anti-slip design, elegant patterns, these strong quilted sofa coverlet are ideal for single sofa chairs, 2-3 seater sofa or L shaped sofa, will look beautiful to match your stylish home décor.

Sizes Guide: A few pieces needed for covering a sofa, you can create triangles shaped covering on the backrest. The size of individual piece you choose should be 20~30cm bigger than the actual size . Any residual part can be hung down or tucked under to prevent slipping.

  • Backrest: If P<60cm, choose 70x70cm; If 60cm<P<75cm, choose 90x90cm; If P>75cm,  choose 110x110cm
  • Armrest:  G x H
  • L shaped seat cover: choose 3 pieces ( there is a small overlapping area in BxA & CxD) , i.e. Fx(E+20cm) 1PC, Bx(A+20cm) 1PC, Cx(D+20cm) 1PC
110x110cm 1pcs110x160cm 1pcs110x180cm 1pcs110x210cm 1pcs110x240cm 1pcs45x45cm pillowcase70x150cm 1pcs70x180cm 1pcs70x210cm 1pcs70x70cm 1pcs90x120cm 1pcs90x160cm 1pcs90x180cm 1pcs90x210cm 1pcs90x240cm 1pcs90x90cm 1pcs