Pet Couch Covers & Pet Car Seat Covers

Worry-Free Slipcover Return & ExchangePet Couch Toppers made of durable thick material & water repellent fabric, suitable for kids and pets playing on the sofa, not easily damaged and stained. Car rides with your four-legged best friend just got better and safer for you and your pet with our Pet Car Seat Covers!

Tips for protecting your sofa from cat scratching:

  1. Clean the damaged area to remove their scent – cats tend to stick to the same spot because their scent is already there, making it a more comforting place for them. By cleaning the damaged area and washing away their pheromones immediately, or use Scratching Deterrent Spray,  they’ll be less likely to revisit that spot.
  2. Buy a citrus-scented spray – there are many safe cat scratching deterrents available that can be sprayed on the area to prevent them from going near it. Typically citrus-based scents are the most effective as they seem to really repulse cats.