Picasso’s Jokers Funny Wooden Dolls Cubist Art Deco Wooden Figures

AUD $68.50

These cheerful groups of wooden dolls inspired by Picasso’s cubist art in 1910-1920s are best statement of the playful personality of this great artist. The genius design of abstract lines and simple geometric shapes is sure to trigger our desire to draw.

  • Height: up to 20cm. Thickness: 3cm
  • Materials: medium-density fibre (MDF) wood
  • Single sided patterns only.
  • Eco-friendly inks applied with silkscreen


Fun facts: Most people as they grow up tend to lose their childlike sense of excitement and fascination with simple things, but Picasso retained the capacity to sustain the exploration, interest and fun of a child. He liked to dress up with comic hats, false noses and silly masks, even in his nineties. He even had a huge pile of masks and funny hats in his home, and visitors would sometimes have to choose a disguise and then wear it for most of the day, with Picasso joining in.