Novelty Clock Retro Flip Clock German Airplane Design Desktop Clock or Wall Mounted

AUD $196.00

Stylish retro design flip clock captures the nostalgia feel of the 1940-1950s, Prefect gift for someone who loves the aesthetics of engineering design and retro air plane.

Adjusted manually through a single knob, the propeller can turn, this cool flip number clock features sturdy stainless steel frame, large 12 hour AM/PM display, easy to read from a distance, making the passing of time noticeable. This retro flip clock can be mounted on the wall.

  • Size: 21x16x8cm
  • Accuracy: -0.8s~1.2s
  • Requires C battery x1 (not included)
  • Material: Stainless Steel + PVC +ABS
  • Note: The sound of flipping every minute is light, barely detectible.


Invented in the late 1940s, flip clock (also known as a “flap clock”) is an electromechanical, digital time keeping device with the time indicated by numbers that are sequentially revealed by a split-flap display. The study, collection and repair of flip clocks is termed horopalettology People interested in the collection, restoration, buying and selling of flip clocks are known as horopalettologists.