Traditional Japanese Floating world prints inspired ukiyo-e posters 

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Floating world: ‘ukiyo-e’ Japanese prints focuses on the concept of ukiyo, which means ‘floating world’, and refers to the fleeting pleasures of everyday life. It explores the city of Edo, modern-day Tokyo, through themes that illustrate the popular culture of the city at the time: female beauty, in the figure of the courtesan, and contemplation of the natural world.

  • Open edition archival reproduction.
  • 260-320 gsm archival canvas fabric.
  • Solvent-free, waterproof pigment inks used to ensure these traditional Japanese ukiyo-e floating world prints are sharply reproduced and last for decades in all its original splendour.
  • Rolled up in a sturdy tube for shipping.
30X40cm Unframed40X60cm Unframed50X70cm Unframed60X90cm Unframed

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