Tub Chair Or Club Chair Cover Floral Patterns-2 Pieces/Set

AUD $54.50

Elastic fabric single sofa cover protects your tub chair/club chair from unexpected stains, come in with one chair cover and one cushion cover.

  • Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex, breathable and wrinkle free.
  • Suitable sizes ( refer to size guide picture):
    • Height without legs 60-90cm; width 60-70cm
    • Cushion length 50-60cm
  • Washing guide: machine washable. Do not bleach and no ironing.
A1 Sofa CoverA10 Sofa CoverA11 Sofa CoverA12 Sofa CoverA13 Sofa CoverA14 Sofa CoverA15 Sofa CoverA16 Sofa CoverA17 Sofa CoverA18 Sofa CoverA2 Sofa CoverA22 Sofa CoverA3 Sofa CoverA32 Sofa CoverA4 Sofa CoverA5 Sofa CoverA6 Sofa CoverA7 Sofa CoverA8 Sofa CoverA9 Sofa Cover