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Unicorn Gifts Ideas to Spoil Your Girl

Unicorns have been part of fairy tales, myths and cultures for centuries; the creature’s mystic charm is popular with both children and adults.

Traditionally, unicorns represented masculinity and male dominance, were often depicted as powerful, wild beasts that could never be caught. Now, unicorns appeal almost entirely to women, it has been recast as feminine, good, hopeful, and wholly incorruptible.

The unicorn represents what women are seeking: an escape from the mundane, the loving and respectful partner, the meaningful job, the confidence that we will be safe and secure, and to be seen and valued for our unique and authentic selves. Unicorns also symbolize beauty and bring joy wherever they go.

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Our Unicorn sings ravishing melodies for those who possess the inner ear of mystics and poets. ~James Huneker, Unicorns

Fun facts of unicorn:

  • International Day of the Unicorn: April 9
  • Scotland is the homeland of unicorns as they don the unicorn proudly on their coat of arms.
  • United with mother: In Warsaw’s National Museum there’s a statue of the Virgin Mary holding a unicorn on her lap.