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My Letter Negotiating with my Computer Game-Addicted Kid

Because you are constantly on the phone or iPad playing games,

  • You missed the amazing rainbow over the fire-destroyed bush when we were driving on Kangaroo Island last month.
  • You were not listening to the real world challenges when parents are discussing workplace conflicts with friends.
  • You might lose the abilities to be idly daydreaming when a brain sometimes needs nothing to do…

Spending so many hours every day on the screens as a kid, THE BIGGEST REGRET is that you will miss the opportunities to explore other areas and develop hobbies or interest that benefit your future career or life happiness.

Consequently, WHEN YOU GROW UP:

  • You are disqualified to be a writer, because you read too little as a kid,
  • You cannot be an artist as your mindset is culturally narrow,
  • And you are incapable of thinking deep, reading complex books as your brain lacks the practice/training from teenager age…

You end up on a job you hate every minute…Hopes by then as an adult you can still delight yourself with computer games.

Maybe my worries turn out to be wrong and you are perfectly fine growing up, but just in case SHALL WE AT LEAST HAVE A DAY OF UNPLUGGED PLAY VERY WEEK (OR EVERY MONTH)? So we can avoid the struggle on your screen time limit every day!

This 88cm Wooden Titanic Model Kit  will challenge you to have persistence on a project you can show off. Why not invite your friends to have fun together? The pleasure of physically making things is so real.

Do 15 minutes yoga, play origami planes, or play magician tricks…is it a great fun pretending for a day that we are back in old time?