Van Gogh & Frida Kahlo Bust Sculpture Artist Figurines Resin Art

AUD $68.50AUD $108.50

Van Gogh Bust Sculpture: Two designs of this famous artist, one like a cute cartoon character smoking a pipe, another is more realist version Van Gogh with sunflower, who looks solitary

Frida Kahlo Bust Sculpture: This extravagant sculpture depicts Frida Kahlo, beautifully capturing her iconic character. With bold red dress, famous looks and a gorgeous crown of flowers on her head, this exquisite bust features a stunning array of extraordinary textures and rich colours.

Vivid details, bright saturated colour, these intricate detailing and iconic imagery of Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo create an incredible statement piece that would make a beautiful addition to a living area, office, entryway or bedroom.

  • Height: 17-30cm
  • Material: premium art resin