Yoga Poses Chart Decorative Yoga Poster Art Prints Vintage Style

AUD $41.50AUD $54.50

Why would you want a yoga poster print? It’s obvious, isn’t it? You love yoga, you love art, and the two really just go hand in hand. Despite this, have a soft little reminder to get on your mat every morning doesn’t go amiss either! This vintage style yoga poses chart poster includes all the major poses in vivid details.

  • Open edition reproduction on 260-320 gsm archival canvas fabric.
  • Solvent-free, waterproof pigment inks used to ensure yoga poses are sharply reproduced and last for decades in all its original splendour.
  • Rolled up in a sturdy tube for shipping.
40X60cm Unframed50X70cm Unframed60X80cm Unframed