Ashtanga Yoga Poses Art Print Wall Décor Yoga Poster

AUD $34.50AUD $58.50

Why would you want a yoga poster print? It’s obvious, isn’t it? You love yoga, you love art, and the two really just go hand in hand. Despite this, have a soft little reminder to get on your mat every morning doesn’t go amiss either! This vintage style yoga poster includes all the major poses of Ashtanga Yoga in vivid details.

  • Open edition reproduction on 260-320 gsm archival canvas fabric.
  • Solvent-free, waterproof pigment inks used to ensure yoga poses are sharply reproduced and last for decades in all its original splendour.
  • Rolled up in a sturdy tube for shipping.
30X40cm Unframed40X60cm Unframed50X70cm Unframed60X80cm Unframed60X90cm Unframed


Ashtanga yoga focuses on muscle training and develops physical strength. Practicing Ashtanga rejuvenates your body, making it stronger, toned, more flexible and controlled. As one of the most popular yoga styles, It offers an intense physical workout that helps you lose weight effectively, helping you feel energetic and think positively on your journey to your dream body. Ashtanga yoga is good for beginners.