Zeus Head Statue with Skeleton Head Plaster Sculpture Conceptual Art Décor

AUD $55.50

Zeus, the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods on Mount Olympus, is the strongest of the gods in the Ancient Greek religion because he has both power and intelligence.

Zeus was married to a Titan named Metis, but he feared her power. One day he heard a prophesy that one of Metis’ children would take his throne. He promptly swallowed Metis and considered the problem solved.

Unknown to Zeus, Metis was already pregnant with Athena. She birthed Athena inside of Zeus and made her a helmet, shield, and spear. As Athena grew inside of Zeus’s head, he got a really bad headache. Eventually he couldn’t stand it anymore and he had the god Hephaestus crack open his head with an ax. Athena jumped out of Zeus’s head. She was full-grown and armed with a spear and shield.

In this thought-provoking piece of Zeus head statue, a skeleton head emerges-classical beauty confronts contemporary conceptualism, the idea of eternity is challenged by the symbol of death, this small piece of décor beautifully enchants your home while tickle your mind.

  • Material: ceramic & enamel
  • Dimension: 135x85x70mm

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